Name Creator Posts Locked
Day With DNA Xerath 37 No
Unfortunate Shrinkage Enylyn 11 No
Going Canine 2: 2nd Cumming derpflerp 11 No
Battered Partner Blackphantom770 16 No
Eleckrokin and Water Girl Popinski 19 No
Avatar of Sins slydevious 7 No
Dragonite Vore. Keiru Luca's Shadow 10 No
The Experiment Timtam 3 No
Critical Condition T7 8 No
Critical+Condition Ardy 22 No
Heavensend LoboBobo 22 No
Alligator Transformation Sequence Kylorcache 6 No
Having Your Way Kylorcache 10 No
A Helping Hand Tigrr 4 No
The Bear in the Forest (English) Kylorcache 32 No
Konderetion (Japanese) Kylorcache 15 No
MLP: Applejack & Rarity Weight Gain caijah 5 No
MLP: Spike and Pinky's day sex kickASS 3 No
The Problems With Cross Breeding voldemort1 12 No
MLP: Discordantly Revamp Falord 10 No