Pool: Under(her)tail by TheWill

Under(her)tail is an Undertale parody rated 18+, the reader must also be 18+ to read this content, this series contains a lot of nudity which is why it is rated 18+

clothing english_text flower group hair hi_res human mammal not_furry plant protagonist_(undertale) short_hair text thewill under(her)tail undertale video_games yelling

Rating: Safe
Score: 62
User: beclaws
Date: December 22, 2015 ↑62 ♥130 C16 S 2016 <3 <3_eyes animated_skeleton bone breasts clothing comic crossgender female hoodie not_furry sans_(undertale) skeleton skirt smile text thewill undead under(her)tail undertale video_games

Rating: Safe
Score: 48
User: Frostking23
Date: January 17, 2016 ↑48 ♥115 C47 S