Pool: Shrink Wrapped Roni

A comic written and commissioned by Jay1743 and drawn by Wolfblade, featuring Roni and Cam Collins.

From IB submission

Panel #1 - Roni is tinkering with the next version of his shrinking ray, which we last saw during Artie's babysitting adventure. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and it backfires. Literally.

Panel #2 - Roni, now 2 inches tall, decides to turn lemons into lemon-aid by stowing away in Cam's work supplies. Meanwhile, my cat character (who we last saw here) is offering himself to Cam.

Panel #3 - Cam is having himself a great old time.

Panel #4 - And so is Roni.

Panel #5 - All good things must come to an end. Is this Cam's way of telling Roni not to stow away in his condoms anymore? Or did Cam not even know notice that Roni was there? (Cam isn't the most perceptive person when he's horny.) I'll leave that to you, the viewer, to decide.

Panel #6 - Unfortunately, Roni keeps on shrinking, until he's forced to desperately fend off Cam's swimmers. He's probably wondering how long until the shrink ray wears off.

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Rating: Safe
Score: 8
User: Jay1743
Date: November 13, 2014 ↑8 ♥70 C1 S