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tfkcex said:
Illegal Drugs or Activities : I hope it only affect on forum and it is still ok some art at some point

Well, you shouldn't go around posting how great drugs are and you shouldn't encourage others to use them.

tfkcex said:
National Hatred: I hope it is still ok to say I don't like Americans and not talk about it I hope I don't get banned because of it. I mean I am just saying what I don't like lol

This is only for more serious things, "I don't like Americans" is a neutral statement and your opinion, "I hope those dirty American pigs burn to death!" is mindless Hatred with a dash of bigotry.
So, first one is okay, second is not.

tfkcex said:
Posting Unreleased Content / Hacking Data Files: what if the person did not know....

If you manage to get your hands on that type of Content you'll very well know what it is, trust me on that one.

tfkcex said:
also with User Ranks
I am not sure what "Can search up to six tags simultaneously" and "constructive behavior" mean...

"Can search up to six tags simultaneously":
This means you can only use up to six tags in your search, try searching for female rating:s group cat panda -mlp beach and it shouldn't work (because those are 7 tags) but female rating:s group cat panda -mlp should work because these are only six.

"constructive behavior":
Be helpful, don't troll, don't wilfully incite drama, don't harass others, all in all, display yourself in a way that wouldn't embarrass your mother in public.