Post in forum #15619 - Site Changelog

November 11, 2012

  • User pages now load substantially faster!
  • User records can now be edited
  • Added post flag histories. Due to limitations with the old system, each post will only show the latest flag if a post has been flagged multiple times. As of this update, every new flag is preserved.
  • Submitting an alias or implication now also creates a pending alias/implication for ease of approval
  • Images that have been flagged in the past can now definitely be flagged again
  • Added a "ban expired" disclaimer to user profiles when a user's ban has expired but hasn't been removed yet due to user inactivity
  • Wiki pages now have proper titles
  • Added proper titles to user record pages
  • Reverted vertical alignment of content on the homepage
  • Removed certain conditions for the "Clear Flag" option for mods, and renamed it to "Unflag and Unapprove"
  • Fixed takedown post ID searches not properly returning completed takedowns
  • Added missing "Switch to aliases" link in the implication index
  • Background changes for
  • Background changes in preparation for