[PSA] Don't use the custom flagging reason unless you have a good reason to do so.

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TL;DR: Never use the custom flagging reason unless the reason for flagging something isn't covered by the options above the custom one.

I made this topic because I keep seeing people misuse the custom flag reason we have. The custom flag reason is there to let us know about an important reason for the deletion of the image, one that is not covered by the other reasons.
Seeing how there is a reason that literally says "inferior/duplicate version" the custom flag reason should never be used to just tell us "I uploaded a better version", "I accidentally uploaded the small version", or similar. All of these flags should simply be done under the inferior version flag.

Also, if anybody told you to always use the custom flagging reason if you can they are wrong. Don't do that.
If anybody told you "but using the custom flag reason doesn't count against your deleted posts counter / upload limit" they are wrong.

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User: Mairo
Date: March 07, 2018

Another really common one which always gives headache, flagging posts as being "too big/large".

We have 15000×15000 pixel and 100 MB limit for extremely good reason, because we want them big (artists, remember to optimize your PNGs so they are nice and lubed). In most cases I will most likely ignore this flag and delete any lower versions as inferior. If users are having issues with larger files, they can enable samples in their own user settings and samples are now also default for guests. They are also free to blacklist or exclude huge_filesize and/or superabsurd_res from their results.

If you are artist or first party (character owner, commissioner), then simply say that the upload was accidental instead (e.g. artist meant higher quality variation for personal usage only, etc.). Artists can ask us to connect their account with artist wiki, so that we can directly see they are verified who they are and act accordingly or simply state "I'm commissioner" in reason and it's usually no brainer for us especially if you normally post commissioned artwork.

Yes please.

I dunno about handing out records if this persists, but it's starting to sound like a good idea.

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Maybe explain this on the "Flag for Deletion" pages.
Add a second sentence to "I'm the uploader and I uploaded the file by mistake (only possible within 48 hours of uploading)"
Something like "You're only allowed to use this reason if none of the others fit"

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User: Nugget91
Date: July 03, 2017

I probably just need to be more thorough with how I explain users to flag their uploads once they've re-uploaded the higher quality one. I have seen a few flags on the ones I've commented on, with that reason.

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User: Clawstripe
Date: December 21, 2012

Now you tell us. :\ I don't think it's been all that clear, so I think Munkelzahn's suggestion is a good idea. If we users are having trouble getting it right, then it's likely the checklist needs a bit of clarification.

I am definitely bookmarking this…

What I want to know is why this has been happening. Feedback would be wonderful.

Did somebody tell you to pick the "I'm the uploader" option?

Are you intimidated by the number of options and skip to the Flag button, only to see the "I'm the uploader" option right above it?

Do you not know how to get the duplicate post's ID?

Do you hate reading?

Is English not your native language? (this reaason is fine)

This is seriously blowing my mind.

First, those two options overlap. The post is a duplicate and I am the uploader. Both are true. And it's a choice of one. Basic UI fail.

Then it makes sense to pick the most specific option. Anyone can flag it a duplicate. Only the uploader, and only for the first 48 hours, can use the uploader option, so it's more specific.

There's no way to change, retract, or preview the flag. The uploader flags the post, looks at the result and goes like nope, that's not right, that's not what I expected. But there's way to change anything at this point.

Finally, certain site rules have consequences. Uploading a dupe is a punishable offence on e6. It adds to the negative counter. It's up there with commercial content and irrelevant posts. Also thanks BVATS most people are aware of this rule. Fixing your own mistake quickly, well, you shouldn't get punished for a mis-click or flaky connection or whatever right? If you fixed it on your own? So it's one more point towards the custom reason.

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User: SnowWolf
Date: July 28, 2012

I'm pretty sure I've used the 'uploaded the file by mistake' Because.. well, because I made a mistake.

Most commonly, when uploading from twitter, I'd change the url so I could get a preview then forget to change it back.

Whoops. I uploaded the wrong file by mistake.

I also want to say that I read somewhere??? that if you used that option after accidentally uploading an inferior version, it wouldn't count against you.


If I were to change the flag page, I'd:

  • Change the first option to something more user friendly
  • Use periods at the end of EVERY sentence, not just some of them.
  • expand 'trace' to 'trace or copy' or something
  • Change "I"m the uploader" to something like "other" with a note that disliking an image or it's content is NOT a reason to flag this
    • Alternatively, explain the types of reasons why this option SHOULD be selected

...I'd probably also do something like include an option for "don't like the content" and it redirects to the 'how to use blacklist' page ;)