In search of some addon that can tag downloads

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I've been in e621 for a while, but i never really touched the forum.

But now i seek to it for some help. I, like probably many others, download images of here, en masse. But, images i download, ends up in a messy pile in my default download location. And whenever i decide to, sorting smut from non-smut can take a while.

I've been looking for addons, preferably for FF, but being unsure what i was actually looking for, i haven't really found much.

Here's what i am looking for, i think:
Whenever i'd download, jpg, png, gif or .whatever of sites like e621, u18chan, general booru sites or those sorta platforms, i'd kill for something that could tag the images on the way down, with a respectable tag like, "e621", "danbooru", "u18chan" or whatever. But only from the sites i chose to put in a filter or something.

It would make sorting stuff a hell of alot easier.

I just recently poked my head in the tools section of the forum, but wasn't entirely sure i found anything that could do that for me.

Does something like this exist?

A quick forum search reveals this program

Furrin_Gok said:
A quick forum search reveals this program

Appreciate the response, but it looks to be very exclusive to e621.

9 days ago

papercat said:
Appreciate the response, but it looks to be very exclusive to e621.

Well of course, each site is different and needs to have written code for it to support something.

And what do you have in mind, images just having website name in their name?

I haven~t tried it yet, but I was told Hydrus Network lets you organize your pics via tags, so it might be able to do what you want.

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Another thought for you might be to set up your own local image board on your own computer. You can jsut copy and paste tags as you "upload' saved images. Might even be a few image boards that can automatically grab the tags for you in various ways... but I don't know much about that. I havn't looked into this in about 5 years-- it took a bit of effort to get set up, but worked really well.

I think OP actually just wants website name prefixing the filename, or the file placed in a subdirectory named according to website.

If that's the case, DownThemAll sounds like the best bet to me; It manages per-site rules when downloading, and IIRC that can include both destination directory and renaming mask. You would have to make sure to direct the download through the .. DTA Oneclick action in the menu, rather than normal Save As.