Finding others

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Where does one go to find local furries? Friends or dating, i just want to know how people find those who are like minded.

There is pounced but you have to be careful.

Conventions, meet-ups, Discord, asking around, asking people if they live near you on social media, furry dating websites. There's not a lot of furries out there and we're all over the place, but I'm sure you should be able to find at least one person out there.

Starbucks. They're probably the baristas.

Look for furry groups specific to your country (ie. Russia Furries, American Furs, Britfurrs etc). Good place to start would be Fur Affinity or Discord. Though do keep in mind that not all furries from a specific country may be on any group, and naturally, smaller countries tend to have smaller communities (though there are exceptions, such as Slovenia which is small, but has ~100 furries with frequent meetups).