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This artist signs all their work as simply "birchly"...also their Tumblr is named "birchly" as well. Also I don't see the need for a (artist) suffix in this case at all.

Example of signature on most recent work:
2018 3_fingers 3_toes anthro barefoot big_claws biped birchly black_bottomwear black_clothing black_pants blue_eyes bracelet claws clothed clothing cool_colors digital_media_(artwork) forked_tongue full-length_portrait fully_clothed jewelry long_neck long_tail looking_at_viewer male multicolored_scales multicolored_tail pants pink_clothing pink_shirt pink_tongue pink_topwear portrait purple_background purple_claws purple_scales purple_tail purple_theme reptile scales scalie shirt side_view signature simple_background sitting snake solo spiked_bracelet spikes textured_background toe_claws toes tongue tongue_out two_tone_scales white_scales white_tail

Rating: Safe
Score: 8
User: Cash_Banooca
Date: February 25, 2018

Tumblr: http://birchly.tumblr.com/

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