Which to use : encasement, rubber_suit, goo_transformation or liquid_latex?

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So we currently have 4 tags that describe very similar things, or are at least very corellated with each other: encasement, rubber_suit, goo_transformation and liquid_latex, all of which have a good amount (180+) of images tagged, with the union of all those tags making up 1372 posts at the moment. While some of these do have a specific meaning not covered by the others, the vast majority of these posts use them to describe someone getting trapped in some kind of gooey suit for things such as enslavement, sensorial deprivation or as a host for some kind of parasitic goo thing.

Edit : (While searching, I also found suit_transformation and living_suit as yet more tags with a similar meaning, and assimilation appears to sometimes be used for this purpose as well.)

I'm pretty sure most of these deserve to be aliased to each other in some way, but I'm not such which of these should be the base, and which ones should be aliased to what. Any thoughts?

Rubber_suit is definitely its own thing.

Encasement seems to be unique and distinct from transformation since it's wearing/being put in things, not becoming those things, though I'm still iffy on it since I'm not sure where 'wearing a full-body suit' ends and 'encasement' begins. As an outsider I'd think that it shouldn't be tagged when the character can still move/act as though they're wearing clothing and/or is bound by ropes/straps.

Liquid_latex seems like something that shouldn't inherently be transformation. I'd think that 'just getting covered in rubber slime' would be it's own thing, but that might be too similar to just regular goo/slime. It seems to be a sub-genre of goo_transformation and goo_creature where there's more of a living bondage gimpsuit thing going on.

There does also seem to be a bit of trickiness in the definitions and use of the terms. As defined liquid_latex transformation shouldn't always be suit_transformation- the term is supposed to refer to the method/device of transformation rather than the end result. Sometimes putting on a suit is involved in liquid latex, but other times it's just getting covered in goo.

And absorption_vore is similar or tagged for similar things.

Flying by the seat of my pants here, just trying to make sense of making sense of this.

Use rubber_suit for non-transformations (i.e., normal rubber clothes) or unclear-if-transformations. Maybe use it for transformations clearly involving a "rubber suit" form.

encasement can be for non-transformations, and simply wearing a suit wouldn't count. I think establishing those distinctions would create some order. In fact, maybe encasement should be left for bound situations, usually fully_bound/immobilization, or restrained in the case of goop that isn't clearly a transformation.

IMO, leave liquid_latex for drippy- or melty-looking rubber, meaning rubber/goop that hasn't completely adhered to a character and settled its form. Or perhaps the rubber is in a basin or on the ground. It should be visible in most mid-rubber transformations. Going by slime's wiki, we should implicate liquid_latex to it.

living_suit's tagging looks quite poor. I think it wants to describe the "sentient suits" seen in some of takeover.

How about...

  • absorption_vore for situations involving at least two "full", non-goop characters, whether or not the characters have merged
  • takeover for transformation situations involving at least one full character and one sentient goop/suit
  • goo_transformation for transformations involving any goops, sentient or not
  • suit_transformation should clearly result in a stylistic change of "attire", may be hard to confirm post_transformation, and overlaps some with goo_transformation


assimilation wants to be a sort of forced transformation that makes the receiver of the transformation more like the source, I guess. That use is fine, but a bunch of other stuff has this tag too.

Discussing this is fine and all, but these tags are currently all messes that need straightening out.

abadbird said:
Discussing this is fine and all, but these tags are currently all messes that need straightening out.

Oh, they definitely are, hence why I wanted to bring this to everyone's attention and maybe get some people to give their opinion before starting to make plans or writing wiki pages.

Absorbtion_vore is typically used for various kinds of digestions, among other things, so I'm personally not 100% sure if it should be involved. I prefer your takeover suggestion when sentient goo beings are involved, but you're right, it can't really stand on its own.

I'd start with goo_transformation/suit_transformation as a base (distinguishing between the two could be hard, though, you're right on that), and on top of that apply either encasement (if the suit is meant to provide sensory_deprivation), takeover (if the suit ends up in control of the host), assimilation (somewhat like corruption, where both adopt a similar form), or just leave it at that if it's "just a transformation".

No horse in this race--but an opinion about 'takeover'.

neat idea! but I'd worry about it being used for mind_control posts. Especially ones like:

Or... Maybe that would be appropriate? I mean, those little alien lizards are taking over... *shrugs*

jsut pointing out a potential issue.

Kind of build the assimilation and takeover page. They both already existed before I came but The first one look synonymous with absorption vore and instead of it being invalidated I notice there was a pattern in there and kind of maintained it by that standard . At first was going to use corruption but it was vague:so vague you could get a sexualized Toriel one minute and the next a penis monster.

I didn't even knew what takover was originally supposed to be about since it was very disorganized. So I just repurposed it to mean when a sentient suit is "taking over" someone. Kind of like possession
Which in hindsight I should of brought it up to see if they should be merged of not.

I never got to updating/creating a wiki for them due being preoccupied on other projects like the sackless tag or looking for enough image to discuss a motivational fetish tag (fail)

I created a forum dicussing transformation a while back since we would be reaching this point where thing would get complicated.

I decided to try sorting this out, see what one of these projects is like.

▼ on absorption_vore

Since absorption_vore was the outlier, I decided to comb that first, specifically looking for and tagging goo_transformation and other tags relevant to this thread, and maybe I'd get a better handle on all these other tags in the process. absorption_vore seems to require one body absorbing another through anything but an orifice, and goo_transformation is a common means of absorption. I've checked a few hundred absorption_vore posts and have 160 to go plus harder blacklisted posts (I blacklist vore). I couldn't help but add the easier tags that came to mind and remove the bad tags, so I added ~3500 and removed ~440 tags on posts that I touched still tagged absorption_vore.

absorption_vore goo_transformation

Because the legacy tag absorption is aliased to absorption_vore, that tag inherited and accumulates some odd situations that show some sort of absorption but not necessarily vore. Thus, I also removed absorption_vore from ~60 posts. Some I may have moved to imminent_vore, post_vore, conjoined, fusion, creature_inside, digestion, energy_drain, possession, or the correct vore variant. I don't know if internal absorptions like digestion or cum_vore should be tagged absorption_vore, but probably not.

IMO, [type]_vore should not be tagged for imminent_vore, nor for post_vore situations where the type of vore is not certain. conjoined and fusion can be the result of absorption. Tags like creature_inside and digestion can describe post-absorption vore. energy_drain, IMO, should fall outside vore unless the drained character is consumed somehow (e.g., some drained characters vanish entirely). possession may involve vore for entry, but the possessing character gains (some) control over the possessed's body, which is an opposite concept to absorption_vore where the absorbed should lose all control (and probably dies).

supermarcopolo said:
I didn't even knew what takover was originally supposed to be about since it was very disorganized. So I just repurposed it to mean when a sentient suit is "taking over" someone. Kind of like possession
Which in hindsight I should of brought it up to see if they should be merged of not.

Oh, that's not quite how I saw the posts under takeover before I started. I think suit_transformation + forced more or less covers that use, or suit_transformation + forced_transformation.

Basically, I tagged takeover for all situations where a goo_creature or suit absorbs or overwhelms another character. Most of takeover absorption_vore are my additions. Perhaps goo_vore is a better tag for the goo_creature posts.

▼ tagging guidance? probably

Some absorption_vore notes I made for myself:

  • merging - during transformation, absorber retains some (physical) qualities of the absorbed, including body mass but not simply changes to belly size
  • conjoined - multiple distinct characters (although probably tagged solo) post_vore
  • fusion - post_transformation/post_vore, one distinct character with traits from original self and absorbed character(s)
  • creature_inside - post_vore where conjoined and fusion do not seem appropriate, among other variants
  • desorption - when the absorbed is restored to their original form
  • mitosis - creating new bodies from parent body, opposite of vore
  • symbiote -?

Some other details tickle at me, but I haven't made notes of them for myself because I think they are self-evident. Off the top of my head:

  • a goo_creature dripping probably is not melting
    • save melting for situations where a character (or object) is actually losing their solid form, probably a type of goo_transformation, to say nothing of melting popsicles and such
    • for example, post #1092301 => the goo_creature is dripping, but its perch is melting
  • if a character's form is dripping or drippy (e.g., skin-colored droplets, obviously not water, sweat) and they are not being absorbed, then they are a goo_creature
  • a goo_creature is never a human => humanoid at best
    • pick one and adjust tags accordingly
  • a goo_creature changing shape is performing a goo_transformation!
    • a goo_creature dripping without changing its shape is not transforming
  • reiterating the slime and goo_creature wikis, a goo_creature's drippy, slimy body is not slime
    • a goo_creature's ooze fully separated from their body may be slime, but I'd rather save slime for substances entirely different from a goo_creature's body

I started desorption because that concept needed a tag and I couldn't find one. I also started rubber_creature because they are unsearchable otherwise, and a species tag is much better than merely tagging rubber for rubber skin.