Any good comics with great plot, porn is prefered but doesnt need to be there.

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I just need a good comic to follow, something like, study partners, or summers gone.
Thanks for the help to whoever gives it, and I know theres no insentive to do this but I do thank you for it!

Well if you are looking for comics on here you could checkout A Story with a Known End. There are currently 3 chapters here, though there hasn't been new pages for a couple months now.

Now if you are talking off-site webcomics, I can recommend Twokinds, Slightly Damned, Endtown, and Goblins, as they update with new pages on a fairly consistent basis (some being weekly, Endtown updating multiple times a week). These really don't have porn in them, but are good webcomics nonetheless.

Las Lindas is a bit more on the questionable/explicit side at times (more so in the side comics) but the page updates don't come as often as the last comics mentioned.

I suggest The Out-of-Placers by ValSalia

I swear I've seen a thread like this before (not with the porn detail, but still), anyone else remember?

Oh, and my suggestions: A tale of tails and pokémon G.O.E, both with porn, the latter being pretty rapey. Also both on this site.

Best comic:

And it actually wrapped up its story and finished!

Thanks everyone!