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Various characters named hunter.

In addition to hunter_(character) tag...
there are hunter_(* tags:

1) 1 hunter_(bloodborne) character
2) 3 hunter_(bountyhunter7) character
3) 4 hunter_(chuchumo) character
4) 1 hunter_(doberman) character
5) 49 hunter_(father_of_the_pride) character
6) 1 hunter_(holidaypup) character
7) 5 hunter_(lancerbuck) character
8) 19 hunter_(left_4_dead) character
9) 1 hunter_(legend_of_spyro) character
10) 1 hunter_(ragnarok_online) character
11) 9 hunter_(resident_evil) character
12) 102 hunter_(road_rovers) character
13) 3 hunter_(rubber) character
14) 1 hunter_(soriac) character
15) 13 hunter_(spyro) character
16) 2 hunter_(storks) character
17) 1 hunter_(surf's_up) character

Other character tags that start with hunter :
hunter_auroch, hunter_dream, hunter_fang_(v--r), hunter_hyena, hunter_mapes, hunter_ravenwood, hunter_s_thompson, hunter_von_(character), hunter_wolfe, hunterdeer_(character), hunterhyena, and hunterthedog.

Nine uploads tagged with
as hunter_(character):

A) earliest is anthro anthrofied assault_rifle blue_feathers blue_fur boots clothing crossover equine feathered_wings feathers female footwear friendship_is_magic fur gas_mask gun hi_res hladilnik hunter_(metro_2033) mammal mask metro_2033 my_little_pony pegasus rainbow_dash_(mlp) ranged_weapon rifle scar solo video_games weapon wings wounded

Rating: Safe
Score: 3
User: Kholchev
Date: August 06, 2012 .. changing to hunter_(metro_2033) { Metro 2033 wikia }

B) 2nd earliest ( 2004 anger_vein angry anthro black_fur black_nose blue_eyes clothed clothing comic_sans crossed_arms dialogue duo english_text eyewear female fire fur gasoline glasses hunter hunter_(artist) hunter_(character) lagomorph mammal maxine_blackbunny onomatopoeia sound_effects speech_bubble text

Rating: Safe
Score: -5
User: Tigra_Watanabe
Date: October 06, 2012 ) is by Hunter_(artist). Full name probably Hunter Kitty.

C) 3rd earliest ( ) is wolf male who seems to be character of FrostedChase.

D) 4th earliest ( ) is a porcupine named Hunter Veldig (changed tag to hunter_veldig )

E) and then the four latest uploads are all by rubber_(artist) and the character (a male rabbit) is apparently a character of that artist. {edit: so change appropriate uploads to existing hunter_(rubber) tag}

Moved Rubber's Hunter character over to hunter_(rubber).