What copyright tags should be on a sequel?

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Let's take cars_(disney) for example. What copyright tags should be on a post with only one character which is only present in cars_3? Should it only have the cars 3 tag or should it have the tags for the original and the sequel, in this case cars_(disney) cars_3?

in general sequels dont get separate tags. theres some exceptions tho. personally i dont think that cars movies need separate tags.

In movies like Cars, all same-named characters are actually the same character, and thus don't need different tags. The only time we need different tags is when there is a character or species that is different, for example: the lizalfos from Legend of Zelda.

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Date: July 28, 2012

This really is an interesting question.

I mean:

  • The Madagascar franchise:
  • Five Nights at Freddy's:

    Dark Souls:

    etc etc etc.

    we do this rather consistently.

    and I mean, I can understand for something as detailed/complicated as five_nights_at_freddy's with probably literally 100 characters that are not in every single game..

    but.. we do tend to tag sequels... I'm not sure we SHOULD but I think it's easier, as a general rule to say:

    (movie_sequel) implies (movie_franchise)
    (movie) implies (movie franchise)

    but.. I dunno man.