[bug] Comment spaces disappear

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Bug overview description.
Some of the spaces in between punctuation get deleted when submitting comments on posts.
I don't know if it's just happening to me or affecting other people. First bug report, I hope I'm doing it right.

What part(s) of the site page(s) are affected?
Just the comments on the site's posts.

What is the expected behavior?
Comment should appear underneath the post formatted like it's preview, with spaces in between punctuation.

What actual behavior is given instead?
When writing AND/OR editing comments on posts, spaces between punctuation are present. When viewing a comment's preview, spaces between punctuation are present.
When posting the comment, some of the spaces between punctuation get removed. Noted punctuation symbols to have been affected by this effect include dots, commas, exclamation points, question marks, and formatting brackets. .,?![
Editing faulty comments by adding TWO spaces instead of one where the spaces previously didn't show up fixes the display under the post.

Time of incident (if applicable).

Can you reproduce the bug every time?
Every time I write a comment and post it, yes.

What steps did you take to replicate this bug?
Writing a comment. No error.
Looking at the comment preview. No error.
Posting the comment. Spaces between punctuation are gone.
Editing comment. No error.
Posting comment with two spaces instead of one. Comment displays with one space between punctuation.

Errors or other messages returned (if any).

This is a known issue that doesn't actually affect anyone but the poster, and only the moment it's posted. If you refresh the page it's fine, and that's what everyone else will see. This affects any commenting part of the site, forum included.

Yeah, this confused me as well on my first post. I'm just surprised you pointed it out 3 years after joining O_o

Aah. Thank you Ratte.