[Feature] Option to hide notes as default

In category: Site Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Requested feature overview description.
An option in the settings that would allow a user to hide all notes on posts by default, allowing them to click on an image once to view them as normal; alternatively, adding a second category of notes for spelling and/or grammar mistakes that could be toggled off completely in a user's settings.

Why would it be useful?
I'm not sure how others feel about this, but most of the notes I see are fixing spelling mistakes; they bother me, distract me visually from the image at hand, and seem unnecessary. At points I have seen notes used solely to add commas. I feel not much else would have to change since every post, if it has notes, has it stated directly under the image; if it is in a language other than English a user would be able to see that it is translated.

What part(s) of the site page(s) are affected?
Any posts that have notes, users' settings pages.


That sounds like it could be a useful setting. I personally don't have a problem with notes, but I could see where some might have a problem with them being on the images by default. A toggleable option in the account settings sounds like a smart idea.

Yep. They also get really ugly when you have a large ensemble pic and every character is labeled and notes are overlapping. I know they're easy to dismiss but I'd rather not see any at all. They're more distracting than the minor typos they're trying to fix.