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So... Not sure where else to put this, the subject matter is such that any *normal* pc tech forum would shit a brick. >.< I have a bunch of H0rs3's animations downloaded and tucked away on my hdd just in case any of my favorites should vanish off the 'net I still have access to them. Anyway. As of recently I've noticed the swf flash files are displaying really darkly. Indeed, it is just the flash files. If I view these two identical, except for format, animation files the Flash one I can't see anything hardly but the WebM version I can see it just fine.

Flash - -

WebM - -

Anyone know why?

Might be an issue with the flash player version? You could try updating your browser and the flash player plugin, or you could try the stand-alone Flash Player Projector and see if either of those fixes the problem.

It's built into Chrome though I also tried Infranview with the flash plugin and same thing. According to Flash's website I am up to date. - . Umm. real quick I downloaded that stand alone player, same thing. -

Bleh. :(

Did you try clicking play? H0rs3 darkens the idle frame before you click play, the scene will then brighten up to the same level as the webm files.

Get a separate flash player like SWIFF and problem solved.

@ NotMeNotYou - Huh, never noticed that before. It gets brighter, yeah, still a little darkish but better once it's playing.

@ FoxFourOhFour - For some reason the SWIFF player is playing the swf really slowly, as in frame by frame slow. O.o

FoxFourOhFour said:
Get a separate flash player like SWIFF and problem solved.

Yeah, I do prefer adobes own standalone projector. Would just like if someone made installer for this so that I wouldn't have to install animate CC or handle portable executable. That will most definitely be up to date, meaning that everything should play correctly.

There are many things which can play .swf files, including MPC-HC, but these always have some really annoying problem, e.g. not using project resolution of the flash file.

And speaking of h0rs3 specifically, it's good they have noticed that flash files might be unuseable in the future and have started posting WebM files as well (altough pillarboxed). Not sure what they serve on patreon, but would imagine that they give out video format there as well.