Feature: Easier note addition

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Requested feature overview description.

Add a more streamlined method of adding notes, like for example, hold ctrl to click and drag a note into existence in a desired shape and location, and automatically open the text editor on mouse up.

Why would it be useful?

Adding notes is a bit of a tedious pain in the ass, especially with a large resolution or heavily tagged image where you have to scroll way down to the add note/translation link, and especially when there are a ton of them to add. I try to be fairly studious about tightly wrapping text areas, but what I find myself doing to save a bit of time is scrolling down, clicking the add link like six times, and then just moving around drawing from the cache of note boxes I got, having to drag them all around and resize them, which can also be a pain when a piece of text is near the bottom or right of the image and I have to drag it, resize it, drag again, maybe several times, since it won't let you go out of the bounds. If I could just mouse to a point, hold a key, and click and drag to draw the box instead, that would be way easier.

What part(s) of the site page(s) are affected?

Addition of notes on image pages

Scrolling left and right for pools too P:

For clarity, all I'm talking about here - without trying to dig into the code and understand how much of a pain it would be to extend it as it stands now - is something like this:

var startX = -1;
var startY = -1;
$( "#theimageelement" )
  .mousedown(function(e) {
	if (false == e.ctrlKey) {
		startX = -1;
		startY = -1;
	else {
		startX = e.pageX;
		startY = e.pageY;
  .mouseup(function(e) {
	if ((true == e.ctrlKey) && (-1 != startX) && (-1 != startY) && pseudo-code for keeping you within the bounds of the image if that's important) {
		Note.Create(postID, startX, startY, (e.pageX - startX), (e.pageY - startY));

Rudimentary example - obviously would need upgrading to flip and allow for any direction of movement and such. Thoughts? Seems pretty simple to do, and would be a real relief for the task.