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stalkerd said:
Thanks, I did it, it didn't help much?
it was hard to tell. much be a bug
I know Sonic Forces on PC got optimize issues too where the games goes slowmo,
if the vSync or/and frame rates was off or not.

Yeah, it usually doesn't do much, because it's vsync :V
Usually vsync helps with tearing and may introduce input lag, it's not something that will magically boost performance significantly of the game unless it has some absurdly bad implementation of it.

Like said, in this case it's most likely more of their porting just sucking really badly more than anything else. Even just lack of basic options in the menu like that vsync is already telling.

As for Sonic Forces, haven't had any issues with Hedgehog engine with Generations (was actually testing steam link with this the other day) nor Lost World and haven't heard anything bad of PC version, though I do not personally own Forces yet. Always be aware of your PCs bottlenecks and tune the settings to have some breathing room above the desired frame rate on lower end machines to avoid huge frame drops/slowdowns.