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stalkerd said:
Yup did that too
not anywhere...
Never mind found it, it was in another hard-drive.
odd yeah I install steam and the game in my d drive
but the save file is in the C drive
and I don't see the sync thing in there

This is proper behaviour.

Game files, configuration files and game save data should always be saved on seperate locations, where game data is at selected usually high volume drive where it can be installed and deleted whenever and used by whoever, configuration files somwhere where it doesn't matter even if they get deleted and are user specific (%APPDATA%, %LOCALAPPADA%, HKEY_CURRENT_USER) and saves somewhere where they are hard to get lost and are user specific (Documents, Saved games, sometimes %APPDATA%, Steam userdata).

Of course there are some games which completely and utterly disregard any kind of thinking and just dumb everything on game install folder and then everything gets lost once game is uninstalled...

%STUFF% is windows variable, so you should be able to access the folder by simply copy-pasting that to either windows search or windows explorer. In this case, copy-pasting %LOCALAPPDATA%\Stories\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ should always get you to right location and I can confirm this is correct config location to Stories. Windows variables as well as your own user folders can easily be moved to another drive (hence why they are variables and not hard fixed paths) if you wish so and symbolic links are also a thing, that's why my desktop, downloads, documents, etc. folders are under X:\ instead of C:\Users\User\

Here's some information how to mess around with settings:
So to disable vsync, open up Engine.ini with preferred text editor (notepad works) and add in (it's not there by default) the following at the bottom and save:


As for PC version looking bad and working bad... I can confirm this is pretty much the case. I have actually been in contact with devs as the PS4 copy looks and plays insanely much better regardless of what I do and I do have high end gaming system. Especially the shadows are just awful mush. Here's direct quote I got from them couple months back:

Hi Mario,

Thank you for the very detailed feedback.

Indeed, we definitely need to do a pass on the game shadows and I have added that to our backlog.

We are sorry for the troubles it may create while you are experiencing the game.

We plan to look at all the optimisation that needs to be made on Stories by the end of the year.

BlueDingo said:
You don't really need anti-aliasing once the resolution is above a certain point anyway. You're better off not turning it on.

Eeeh... This is one of those things why I like PC gaming. If you feel like you don't need AA, then don't use it, but I'm really not fan of jaggies and even with 4K resolutions, applying some minor AA will still turn image quality much higher. Mirror's Edge Catalyst I actually forced AA out as they were using some really blurry implementation of something, but I still needed to inject SMAA in so that I wouldn't get bothered by stairstep edges literally everywhere because of really bright contrast enviroment design.

I sometimes put vsync off as I have high refresh rate monitor, but I couldn't live without some level of vsync with regular 60Hz monitor and if game runs well I do still put it on even at 144Hz as introduced input lag with this high frame rates is really small.