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Nilly00 said:
Recently ive been klicking around a few old forum posts trying to learn a little about the beginnings and former owners of this sitr and stumbled upon remnants of old stories that happened here.
From previously praised moderators abusing their powers leading to permabans, to users who became infamous for their bad comments or the site participating in protests to secure internet freedom.

As a newer user i wondered: what stories do you remember from the old Times?
I'm really curious to find out how the community started out

You make it sound like you read these threads (1 2 ). I definitely posted about that stuff in them.

Search the forum for "epic ban reasons", like so.

Forum games (1 2 ) used to gunk up the forums.

I liked the old guard who put in a lot of good work making this site better from what is was. Most of the people I put in that group have been gone for years or are no longer present in that capacity. It was nice to watch, even though I did not participate. Clearly, furry and e621 is a phase for, I presume, "young adults". Most move on. I should give the newer very good users the credit they deserve, but the forums don't feel the same. I would like to see e621 improve again.