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Seen this style before, but can't find source - Need help!

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I can usually find an image, but all my usual strategies for source finding have failed me.
Reverse image searching, tag searching, user investigation, etc.
Maybe someone recognizes this artist/image?

The filename at time of upload was:
82d3d695-b502-4683-9048-adacc2c6af38 -- which is a UUID of some sort, likely taken from someones profile picture? Looks like it's also cropped.

Hmm, tried messaging the person whose using it as their PFP, but got no response.


The image is way too cropped for almost any image reverse searches to work in any way.

Searching with ~bandanna ~scarf smile simple_background -white_background didn't bring it up so it's either not on the site, it's not properly tagged or I'm using wrong tags to search it.

So unless someone has seen it or regocnizes the artstyle, there's not much to be done.

It's been a little over a month, but...

The original cannot be found on here or FA, so I found it by dumb luck in a google search. The character owner disabled their accounts and took their paid art with them, it seems.