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Storm-Engineer said:
So, I'm an artist and will upload my art soon. But I was thinking, that then I would like it that my pics are only uploaded by myself to ensure it is the good quality file and has proper data, also it's more controllable in case I have an issue in the future.

So if someone else uploads something before I do, or they upload a duplicate of something I already uploaded, should use the report or flag for deletion? Or?

Our page is a community page, unless there's a reason to do it differently everybody is allowed to upload things. If someone uploads an inferior version of some of your art simply upload the better version and flag the inferior version for deletion.
We still have terabytes of storage left so duplicates are of very little concern.

Beyond that you will want to use the flag for deletion tool with the reason of inferior/duplicate for your examples.

It's also impossible for you to delete any art you upload directly, just as you can't delete uploads from other people. Any deletion like that will only happen as a result of a takedown request.