Post in forum #244542 - [Rule Change] All paid content is now DNP forever.

NotMeNotYou said:
Except not. Your logic is flawed and dismisses the opinions and wishes of other people for your own benefit. A lot of artists have complained about this rule in the past, and still do. It is not up to either of us to decide for other people how they're allowed to earn their money. Many of those artists have elected full DNP status because of our 2 year rule.

Your opinion boils down to that the artists should be happy that their content is being pirated because it means it's good. If it is good, why is it not good enough to pay for it?

You seem to forget the power your own DNP allows, such as the restricting of images posted to X website as being forever DNP while stuff uploaded to their FA is free to post.

You also completely ignored my statement on deceased artists.

But hey, what do I know?

TheoryAnon said:
This should apply to monetized YT videos too. It may be public but your site is taking away views that earn the creators money through non private means.

Why stop there? All commissioned images should be banned since they are paid content. Same with filled out YCH images since we didn't pay for it and they are indeed pay-to-complete content.

All manga and dojins are also to be removed because ALL of them are made with the intent to sell, so they should be removing those as well.

AnotherDay said:
It seems more like he's making the point that in two years no one's going to buy two year old furry porn regardless of where it is or isn't available for free.

Another rather valid point I saw brought up that wasn't addressed was when artists die or disappear. Artists, especially in this community, have been known to just randomly go into DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING mode and nuke their artwork where ever they have the ability to do so and then totally fall off the face of the planet. Now this is one "archive" that they don't have to even worry about any longer because now it won't even attempt to fulfill its purpose.

Hey, on that note, why not just make it so ONLY artists can upload their own stuff, huh? Let's go and delete all the stuff not uploaded directly by the artists. I mean, it's only fair, right? How much of this stuff hasn't been uploaded with permission or even without the artists knowing about it? Probably a good 80% of what's left, no doubt so it seems like a good idea to me! /kappa

This website is the most popular furry archive because it's been the largest and because art from decades past have been safely housed here, regardless of what happened to the artist. Now? It sure does seem like the administration is on its way to turning this from an archive and into a crap version of Fur Affinity where artists have all the power and anything perceived as negative by anyone gets deleted or hidden by the artists.

This move won't bring back most, if any, of the DNP artists that claim to have DNP'd for this reason and other artists will find other excuses to DNP in the future, assuming they even care for a reason so I find there to be just no point in this move now, seems more like you're just harming your own credibility as an archive by willfully removing this stuff. IT's gone from "Oh, they'll get it eventually" to "Don't bother with that place, it doesn't even have anything good."

This. e621 is on a lot of people's lists of "don't go there" because of the administration's constant switching around of rules. Word of this specific change has gotten out and NO ONE is happy about it because it's pointless and rips the guts out of one of the main reasons people go here.

There are tons of "vintage" images here that are defended to the death "because they are old".

But now rules from the same period in time are going to be ignored because... Artists don't want to add themselves to the DNP?

Pretty soon, this archive is just going to have stuff like this as it's legacy.