Post in forum #244542 - [Rule Change] All paid content is now DNP forever.

fewrahuxo said:
because artificially restricting the distribution of infinitely reproducible materials is upholding the fuck-you-got-mine mentality that online artists possess.

it's selfish to remove the actual benefit that your site's users get for the theoretical benefit that artists get.

what's stunning about your decision is you haven't produced any evidence that uploading paid work to e621 directly correlates to a loss of income for the artists who produced the work.

I have a counterargument: Why do you feel you're entitled to free stuff, and why do you feel you get to decide that some people should not be compensated for work they make and are able to distribute digitally?

If you want some form of proof: Check out how many people actually donate to mod creators on Nexusmods. The answer is basically nobody donates anything, ever. People consume without giving back. There are also other numbers from various developers that tracked how many people paid for their programs, and how many pirated them without ever paying. The numbers are against you in every case.

Edit: It's also flat out closes a couple cans of worms regarding the DMCA, copyrighted content, and how we most certainly aren't licensed by most furry artists to host their commercial contents. But, you know, why would we want to comply with the law?

Fifteen said:

I understand the reasoning, and I'll admit I've always found the 2 year rule to be somewhat arbitrary, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd have liked to get a warning before deleting 1500 posts like that.

2500 posts. And that is exactly the reason why there wasn't a warning.