Post in forum #244542 - [Rule Change] All paid content is now DNP forever.

This is exceedingly flawed.

What about deceased artists? All artists who made the agreements and DNPs of specific content on this site 7 years ago were pretty freaking okay with it.

You're making a massive mess for no reason and removing a massive section of this database that is being claimed to be hosting quality works.

The two year situation was acceptable by the artists because, lets face it, two years down the road, people don't tend to care anymore.

You're only enforcing the act of piracy. People who want it NOW will get it NOW, and the two year lockdown was plenty to keep some people from doing so. With a forever ban on it, you're encouraging the piracy of new and old content alike.

This is like helping someone who is broke down on the side of the street by slashing their tires and driving off.