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User: jamesfoxbr
Date: October 29, 2016

Esme_Belles said:
How the he'll does that actually work? I remember there was a handful of posts a year or two ago that had entire site rips inside them, most of it DNP content. But how does that even work... and how do you recognize when that occurs? I remember that I was totally confused, I'd DLed a post just to see what everyone was yelling about and ended up deleting it from my HD cuz I couldn't figure it out...

Putting an entire file system inside a jpeg is actually pretty easy.

FoxofGrey said:
This is regarding the news post for October 18th. Can this also go towards labeling MLP content under equine rather than horse? I'm sick of having that content being posted under the horse tag, even with the blacklist feature.

Anything with earth_pony on it will get the horse tag automatically so there's not much you can do about it besides blacklisting/excluding earth_pony.