Post in forum #235250 - Obtaining the highest-resolution images from Tumblr

Penguinempire-Dennis said:
Now here's an interesting situation. I uploaded post #1337978 from the artist's Tumblr, on which the raw version is 1280 pixels wide. But afterwards, when I was checking other sites to list as sources, I noticed that the artist uploaded a much larger version there, 2200 pixels wide.
The thing is, the image itself was heavily upscaled by the artist either when he colored it or when he edited the text- compare it to post #1337999, an earlier version of the image. The smaller resolution version, post 1337978, appears upscaled as well. Should it still be deleted and replaced with the larger version from IB?

Using thumbnails in the middle of the text makes your message much less readable. Also this isn't exactly the fault of tumblr raw stuff.

There have been couple similar cases I have seen where artist themselves for whatever reason upscales the content themselves. Other one was luckily exact multiplier nearest neighbor so it could still be fixed easily. But just like with massive compression, it can get deleted even if it was done by artist.

I can see actual additional detail in stuff added into the image after the original version, so even if the base content is upscaled, the coloring and text are actually proper resolution. I would almost like to say this is almost acceptable because of that fact and because it's still artist doing it. In this case the tumblr raw is downscale of that upscale, so inkbunny version is preferred. Just tag it with upscale and put original as parent post.