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Score: 31
User: flux_capacitor
Date: March 02, 2013

Tag Implication: rainbow_legwear -> legwear

In category: Tag Alias and Implication Suggestions

Aliasing Implicating rainbow_legwearlegwear
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Rainbow legwear is legwear.

  • Unimplicate socksclothing - Since socks implies legwear and legwear implies clothing, the socksclothing implication doesn't do anything.
  • I'm thinking about whether the armwear and handwear tags should be consolidated since gloves are really the only thing that falls into the handwear category and elbow_gloves implies armwear. This would allow us to put gloves into a more specific category (gloves I→ armwear) and make it more consistent with how we treat socks (socks implies legwear).

Edit: Whoops. Clicked alias instead of implicate.