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Why "minimum quality standards" and other reasons for post deletion are BS

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Because it is all subjective and biased, THAT'S why.

There are no stated standards anywhere on this website; I've looked. That means moderators--creatures no one has ever seen in the flesh and knows nothing about--have TOTAL power over whose art is seen or not seen.

That is BS, pure and simple.

I've seen black and white outlined doodles, which probably took all of 5 seconds to drool out on a napkin, that are approved on this website.

I've seen graphic depictions of brutal, bloody mutilations and oral defecations of characters that are approved on this site.

I've seen stupid, pointless posts with NEGATIVE VOTING SCORES approved on this site.

And yet my modest comic art that had color and form and substance WITH POSITIVE UPVOTES AND FAVS FROM USERS doesn't meet their "minimum quality standards"?


These so-called "moderators" don't even know anything about art! I once posted a drawing with DELIBERATE HAZE on the image to give it a dreamy quality, and a moderator removed it because they thought I did it by mistake. That alone proves these moderators don't know their asses from HOLES IN THE GROUND!

My point is, what gives them the right to decide whose stuff gets posted and whose doesn't when they know nothing about art, have no accreditation, and contradict themselves on their own "standards"?

Shout out to Notmenotyou, Thehuskyk9, and Ratte for being particularly heinous offenders of this hypocrisy.

I can't see the images you've uploaded, but if I remember correctly you were drawing images on paper then using a phone to take pictures of them. Pretty sure that's why they were deleted. If you really want to add deliberate haze to images etc, it's probably better to do it in postprocessing after digitizing your artwork with a scanner.

I'm sorry you took the wrong turn on the internet and ended up at e621. If you go here that should get you to where you meant to go.