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User: Granberia
Date: September 02, 2017

Tag Implication: god_of_hyperdeath -> asriel_dreemurr

In category: Tag Alias and Implication Suggestions

Implicating god_of_hyperdeathasriel_dreemurr
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Different form of same character. If we're not implicating forms to characters any more then add implication:

This got brought up before and the answer last time was no for the same reason mega forms of pokemon arent implicated to their nlrmal form.

Furthermore, the "God of Hyperdeath" technically refers to both the well dressed adult asriel and the classical angel styled polygon asriel at the very end. Neither of which are his true basic form.

Consequently you wouldnt tag flowey and expect it to be implied to asriel either.

I do agree that the form should imply undertale however.