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Trying to think of a scenario where sitting on a dildo involves someone else.

Sitting on a double-ended dildo, whist one end is in someone else; sitting on a strapon that is being worn. Both are/imply dildos that aren't necessarily used for masturbation.

But not giving any + or - because dildo sitting may be context sensitive. I'm simply thinking of scenarios where sitting on a dildo involves someone else.

+1, it's still (mutual) masturbation if being used by two.

asw_xxx said:

Trying to think of a scenario where sitting on a dildo involves someone else.

Siral_Exan said:

I'm simply thinking of scenarios where sitting on a dildo involves someone else.

I'm not sure if it's still considered masturbation if it were forced upon to them by another person.

BlackLicorice said:
+1, it's still (mutual) masturbation if being used by two.

Mutual masturbation doesn't imply masturbation, though. If, say, 2 characters are mutually masturbating, you don't tag masturbation because it's less correct than mutual masturbation. Outside of here this is constantly occurring and leaps of logic are causing invalid tags. There is even evidence where a implication existed between the two, but was removed...

In shorthand: -1, there are cases where dildo sittings occur while another person is using it; a simple example being a strapon on a supine-positioned character, and another person lowering themselves on it. It is not masturbation in that example, it is sex.

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+1. "Sitting" indicates an act performed by the character who is masturbating, if a second character is shoving the first one, then it no longer would be considered sitting on a dildo, but being shoved on one; adding this information to the wiki probably would suffice.