regsmutt said:
My point is kinda that 'traditionally cute' features and art styles aren't mutually exclusive with graphic content. Happy Tree Friends for instance is a series entirely based around the concept of 'cute characters dying graphically'. Unless 'cute' becomes a tag exclusively for safe-rated content it'd make it LESS useful to restrict it from being applied to more 'hardcore' tags (gore, vore, scat, etc) because it means that the combination of cute+gore/vore/scat can't be searched for. If you don't like seeing that stuff you can blacklist it.

if i'm not mistaken or mislead then i assume the current plan is to invalidate the tag and i feel like that would make it an even less useful tag than how it would be if my idea went through. and i see what you mean with happy tree friends and those characters are cute and all but they turn traditionally not cute when they start up that violence. so a picture of the happy tree friends is traditionally cute but a picture of them in violence isnt.

sidenote: i dont feel like some staff should decide what to do with the cute tag once this topic is over. there should be some sort of vote and anybody on the site should see a prompt or banner that says to vote(with a link). and on the voting page there should be some info on all sides of this argument so everyone knows what to think about when they vote.