Post in forum #235250 - Obtaining the highest-resolution images from Tumblr

Munkelzahn said:
Search for the image with Reverse Google Search.
If you're lucky, someone has reposted it, and you can get the direct image link that way.

please make the posts you listed clickable

ok and post edited.

edit: :/ i see nothing but and coming up in the results. and the posts are the same size as those i uploaded here.

hmmm... yeah, looks like has a bot account for uploading stuff.

"join date: 2013-04-15

posts: 1,919,249
deleted posts: 93,375"

yep, definitely a bot cause it has every single wycicus post i uploaded here, added to rule34. only the artist tag is japanese and untranslated over there. and the upload times are all within the same day as when i added them here.

user:treos wycicus

bot's uploads of my posts