Post in forum #235250 - Obtaining the highest-resolution images from Tumblr

Lance_Armstrong said:
One more observation. I have not seen one Tumblr pic yet that legitimately had a 1280 pixel width. I have not tried 1280 height yet. Every single one of the 40 I tried so far had been uploaded in a higher resolution by the Tumblr user. The closest I got was 1290-1291 pixels instead of 1280.

It shows the massive scale of this problem and means there is no shortage of reupload work until somebody scripts it.

san_ruishin seems hard-stuck at 1280 regardless of source. san_ruishin width:>1280 height:>1280 only returns 19 posts out of 464 listed posts, and those 19 aren't much bigger.

kajinchu is similar but has uploaded a few pictures above 1280 width to Tumblr. Unfortunately, their switch to FA and near abandonment of Tumblr has brought their available works back down to 1280.

Lance_Armstrong said:
Are there any artists that won't allow their better-than-old-Tumblr resolution images to be uploaded due to Patreon? Or is that just a non-problem?

f-r95 may be such an artist. f-r95 source:*tumblr*raw order:mpixels


$6 or more per month
You get: All above rewards

+ Access to FULL SIZE of files & Alternative versions

+Discount 10% of commission ^^


To be thorough, it seems like there's a few searches to check. Some e621 posts only source a Tumblr post without a direct image link, so and the alternative should also be searched with width:1280 or height:1920. At least direct image link reuploads could be automated.

I believe these searches can all return unique results with higher res _raw Tumblr sources: width:1280 date:>2013-01-01 height:1920 date:>2013-01-01 width:1280 date:>2013-01-01 height:1920 date:>2013-01-01
source:tumblr*_1280 width:1280 date:>2013-01-01
source:tumblr*_1280 height:1920 date:>2013-01-01

FYI, I checked Tumblr's servers, manually from 1 through 80, for alternative versions of san_ruishin's post #949466. I found around 15 mirrors of the image all at the same resolution, with the lowest hit being server #24 and the highest being #68. I think server 68 is current and a very reliable mirror to try, if a direct Tumblr image link doesn't work.

An issue reuploaders will run into quickly is an accumulation of width:1280 or height:1920 posts that have the same resolution as their _raw Tumblr counterparts. How can someone mark those posts so that anyone attempting this "project" can remove them from search results or otherwise skip them?

The scope of this project is even larger than that, however, when you consider all the artists who have uploaded to Tumblr but whose posts here don't all source link back to their Tumblr counterparts. Really, that's business as usual.

One final quirk, if checking deleted posts for Tumblr sources wasn't onerous enough. I decided to check Kajinchu's Tumblr for a superior _raw version of post #530491 only to find out that it is no longer visible on Kajinchu's Tumblr from what I could tell. I remember seeing an uncensored version of that image (still not on e621) on Kajinchu's Tumblr a while back, so I knew it existed at one point. Well, Google reverse image search found someone who reblogged the uncensored image, which is still visible, and wouldn't you know it, the _raw even goes above 1280 width.