Post in forum #235250 - Obtaining the highest-resolution images from Tumblr

Plot twist: Tumblr may now be the superior source in many cases. As has already been demonstrated, direct Tumblr links can also be salvaged from deleted posts' source links. We may have some cases where an old 1280px Tumblr-sourced post was deleted in favor of a superior resolution post from elsewhere, but Tumblr's raw version may be even better.

How much work would it be to retroactively transfer or merge post scores/votes in cases where lower quality posts were deleted? Score is a useful metric and discarding old scores/votes is a waste.

Comment transferring or merging would be secondary. To avoid potential reader dissonance (i.e., confusion over merged comments that no longer make sense), add to merged comments' formatting "(merged from deleted post)" somewhere. I would probably still keep the original comments' timestamps as is usually done for thread merging.