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2011 annoyed antennae arthropod biped black_markings blue_eyes clear_membrane clothed clothing crossed_arms cute duo feral front_view green_body human insect insect_wings lifting lol_comments male mammal markings moth nisimawari pellucid_hawk_moth portrait quadruped shirt shorts simple_background solo_focus spread_wings standing three-quarter_portrait three-quarter_view traditional_media_(artwork) watercolor_(artwork) white_background wings

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User: Genjar
Date: May 29, 2013

Munkelzahn said:
I knew it!
Adding the direct link to the sources is good for something.

Yep.. Those would've been extremely useful now.
Old direct links still work if you change the subdomain, but same cannot be said about other Tumblr sources: tons of deleted or moved accounts, etc. The images are probably still out there somewhere, but in many cases we have no way to find them.

Reverse image searches don't work, and Tumblr is excluded from Internet Archive, etc. Nothing that can be done now, as far as I can see.