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1 year ago
2014 anthro bottle bottomless cat chair clothed clothing computer desk feline fur girly headphones hoodie inside jailbird leaning leaning_back legwear liam looking_at_viewer looking_back male mammal reclining sitting smile socks solo tan_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 125
User: Onii-chan
Date: May 09, 2014

treos said:
the source page is "not found" so it can't be replaced with a larger version through this "raw" method.

Not so fast! If you have the direct image link you can update the image even if the source post is gone. For example post #1039922 had the image The source post ( is gone. But change 1280 to raw and you get which is bigger than the old post so I uploaded it as post #1247649.

And don't forget

Lance_Armstrong said:
One tip: If an old source link doesn't work, try changing the subdomain to ""