Post in forum #235250 - Obtaining the highest-resolution images from Tumblr
1 year ago

Genjar said:
No need to check the ones that aren't either source:tumblr*1280 width:1280 or source:tumblr*1280 height:1280, so that'll narrow it down a bit. Still 14000 posts, though...

And since most posts aren't sourced directly to the original anyway, it might be worth checking all of source:tumblr* width:1280 and source:tumblr* height:1280. Which is a whole lot of posts. :/

Kinda glad that I haven't uploaded much from Tumblr. Even so, this'll ruin my upload/deletion ratio.

good grief...500+ pages of posts to look through and check? where's slyroon when we need him?

also, something else that i predict will make this situation even harder to deal with is how to handle tumblr's that have been deleted over the years (like anything related to that molestia tumblr for example). can you still get the pics from a wiped tumblr blog? if not then some of the older stuff might not be replaceable like this.

edit: sure enough... post #182820 the source page is "not found" so it can't be replaced with a larger version through this "raw" method. :/ that's bound to happen a lot when checking older tumblr's.

actually, that tumblr is still there but there's no posts on it so just as bad as it being gone.

edit2: also, there's the case of braeburned's site. the tumblr link(s) now redirect to instead of