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Found a Great Site for Upscaling

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[Redacted by Husk]

Just set noise to None (Unless the picture has some for some random reason), and if you use Firefox, Save as and ctrl+s don't seem to work, so just copy picture and paste into your image editor of choice. If the resulting picture looks too off, play around with the noise until it feels right.




Upscales will be deleted if found.


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11 months ago
2018 4_toes anthro barefoot black_fur black_nose black_sclera canine claws clothed clothing conditional_dnp dog fur hi_res husky mammal meme pants plantigrade ratte standing thehuskyk9 toe_claws toes torn_clothing underwear yellow_eyes

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Score: 22
User: TheHuskyK9
Date: April 15, 2018

Nah, son