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Why I will no longer assist in tagging, and probably nobody else should too.

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Frankly, it boils down like this.

1: If you remove tags for things you _do not see_ in an image, you get a warning.

2: If you add tags for things you _do see_ in an image, you get a warning.

3: The admins make assumptions as to whether or not you ignored warning 1, when making change 2, and block you from the site for that incorrect assumption. (I did not ignore the warning for a completely different action, that doesn't apply to this one.)

4: Two different people can look at the same image and see different things.. and neither are wrong.

5: The things I got warned for are poorly-defined and in some cases neither set of tags (pre or post my edit) are completely accurate. In that case I'd rather err on the side of having no tags at all.

6: The messages you receive when being warned, have no method for contacting the one warning, to ask for clarification/dispute them.

Anyways, that's all. Since tagging = getting warned, I will no longer tag.

The only thing I see is you doing the same thing repeatedly: Getting genders wrong.

The solution? Keep tagging, just not genders. Problem solved.

I get the distinct feeling that you are overdramatizing a simple problem with a simple solution. If you are to believe your solution works, and Furrin already provided theirs, I'll say mine: we have a fully functional wiki that provides the basics of this site, and allows you to search what tags exist and how tags work. You also have an IRC (which I commonly use) and a forum to discuss tags and how they are used.

The site has the tools to help "you", so it is up to "you" to use them. Quotations because that's non-specific.

Just 6 more tag edits and you can have a cool 1-2-3.

There are always concepts that are harder to tag than others. If you can't handle the gender guidelines, try something like the -solo -duo -group -comic -zero_pictured project instead.

1: No you don't. Gender tagging follows a flowchart which you have been linked before.

2: See 1.

3: Records are defined by the rule cited. If you were slapped once for tagging, and you get slapped again for tagging, the severity elevates. You were linked the howto page for tagging genders, but it was apparently ignored because it was not heeded.

4: Two different people can look at the same thing and both be wrong, because we have specific guidelines for tagging gender. This has happened before and will likely happen again.

5: Nobody is going to cite 30+ posts on a record for poor tagging when one can just look at someone's tag history and see all the black + signs, meaning someone removed a tag you added for not applying to the image. To say it's poorly-defined when we have a howto guide as well as an entry in our rules about tag vandalism is simply incorrect.

6: There is a Contact page link at the top of your window.

If you can't handle being wrong and not applying incorrect tags, then by all means as it makes less work for everyone else.