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Duck_Hunt_Dog said:
But InuYasha IS allowed according to the rules, primarily because of 1 thing; his dog ears. There shouldn't need to be any kind of deliberation. Also, mario_bros, sonic_(series), and super_smash_bros are all pretty popular tags, too. I don't honestly see what being anthro has to do with it. Just because "feral" is less popular doesn't mean it breaks the rules.

Geez, I know I'm not a professional, but I thought my art was fairly indisputably above MINIMUM quality standards... Apparently not...

They aren't saying that Inuyasha isn't allowed, but that it is more difficult to tell at a glance whether an image of the sort like with Inuyasha ought to be approved or not.

In other words, it's more difficult to distinguish a humanoid as site-relevant from a thumbnail or whatever, whereas images with anthros and ferals are more obviously relevant even just looking at a brief glance. So they'll get approved faster.