Post in forum #229770 - Posts Taking Quite a While to be Approved

Furrin_Gok said:
Admins may look at certain themes more than others, or at thumbnails that look easier to estimate.

A humanoid picture like Inuyasha is blurrier territory that they may skip over for the time being, while a lot of the other images look fairly crowded. post #1191117, while somewhat crowded, is a pretty safe guess that it's just a group based on the names hovering around the Pokemon, and Pokemon is a popular tag. Having a few anthros mixed in helps as well. post #1191119 on the other hand, while a solo image, is also a feral one. Less popular than anthro.

But InuYasha IS allowed according to the rules, primarily because of 1 thing; his dog ears. There shouldn't need to be any kind of deliberation. Also, mario_bros, sonic_(series), and super_smash_bros are all pretty popular tags, too. I don't honestly see what being anthro has to do with it. Just because "feral" is less popular doesn't mean it breaks the rules.

Genjar said:
High-quality posts get approved quickly. The rest often need a second (or third) opinion, and end up sitting in the queue for a long time because of that. There's nothing silly about that. It's for the sake of maintaining the quality standards.

Geez, I know I'm not a professional, but I thought my art was fairly indisputably above MINIMUM quality standards... Apparently not...