[Bug] All takedown input gets cleared completely if it wasn't filled out properly

In category: Site Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Bug overview description.

Failing to properly fill out the takedown form will clear all fields of all information upon submitting it, making it harder to actually fix what's wrong because some fields don't support autofill.

What part(s) of the site page(s) are affected?


What is the expected behavior?

When submitting a takedown fails all already entered details should stay in their respective fields.

What actual behavior is given instead?

All fields are cleared.

Time of incident (if applicable).

Since forever, latest occurrence today 09:30 AM UTC+2

Can you reproduce the bug every time?


What steps did you take to replicate this bug?

Submit the takedown without information in either email, IDs/special instructions, or reason.

Errors or other messages returned (if any).

Just the standard errors that input is either incorrect or missing, but nothing directly applicable to the observed behavior of Delete-Fucking-Everything.