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Sorrowless said:

I have wondered if my subconscious did this self protection, myself. You seem sure about this. Where have you come to learn it?

I either Miles Edgeworth'd Apollo Justice'd it. I've got my own brand of logic that steers me to my answers. I can be wrong at times, but more often than not I'm either correct, or tell it so convincingly that people just treat it as correct with the lack of any official answers. "Morality" is kind of hard to argue one way or another, you either believe something's good, or you don't.

O16 said:
Wouldn't there be another six stages before this one, or they aren't obligatory? I really am not sure about how this is supposed to work.

Hard to say, I'm not a psychologist. I think it's good to go through them, but chances are as people do so more and more they start to skip them.