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2014 anthro bottle bottomless cat chair clothed clothing computer desk feline fur girly headphones hoodie inside jailbird leaning leaning_back legwear liam looking_at_viewer looking_back male mammal reclining sitting smile socks solo tan_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 124
User: Onii-chan
Date: May 09, 2014

Tag Alias: xin-wei -> nnecgrau

In category: Tag Alias and Implication Suggestions

Aliasing xin-weinnecgrau
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Same artist. Also alias


e621 artist page for nnecgrau
e621 artist page for ninko
e621 user ryani and their tag history which tags themselves over the years as ninko, xin-wei and nnecgrau
Comment by seff on post #267731
Comment by artist on their DA page
Comment by FK on /r/yiff

Anyone else think "xin-wei" sounds (but not is, I already checked) like a fantasy race from DnD?

This is a legitimate question, I'm getting a strange case of deja vu.