Post in forum #225049 - "Do we have a tag for that" thread

@Furrin_Gok @Genjar, thanks for pointing out that tag but it's not really what I'm looking for.

Just for an example this post,

It's neither train_position nor sandwich_position, however can be tagged with bisexual_sandwich.

(train position) ✘
The train position refers to a specific position where the participants form a line, all facing the same direction,

(sandwich position) ✘
A type of sex position involving three participants: both penetrating partners are on the ends, both facing the middle partner.

(bisexual sandwich) ✔
Top: Male character, penetrating "Middle"
Middle: Male character, penetrating "Bottom"
Bottom: Female character being penetrated by "Middle"

But what if the post were to be all three of the same genders? The bisexual_sandwich wouldn't be valid then.
(Not looking for a position tag, proposing penetrating_being_penetrated if there's no tag for it yet)