What makes you happy?

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User: AnimeXtremex
Date: January 09, 2016

Let's try a fun[citation needed] meta-experiment!

This is a complement to forum #214860 - What makes you angry? (Dec. 2016), which was started just over a month ago (1st), and has ~2501 replies as of posting this OP

Whenever you're angry, depressed, or otherwise dissatisfied with something (be it furry-related, or even internet-related by extension):

  • 1. Look at the number of replies/pages the 'What makes you happy?' forum has
  • 2. add 2501 to it,
  • 3. and compare the numbers to the number of replies/pages the 'What makes you angry?' forum has
    • (Protip: try percentages)

1: 248 replies. you can throw an error bar of +/- 5 if you really care that much about data accuracy / are a Stats nerd

Disregard this, the following 2 reserved/dummy posts below balances it out



Chocolate Chip Cookies!~<3

Dopamine, Endorphine, adrenaline, and

First Third one:

Well-tagged posts make me happy


NotMeNotYou said:
Dopamine, Endorphine, adrenaline, and

This post makes me happy. ^^^

You made my day, NotMeNotYou.

crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women!

Cheeseburgers. All American Cheeseburgers.

Fallout New Vegas usually makes me happy.

I also really love good pictures of women in practical, well-designed armor that doesn't look like it's made for bad porn.

11 months ago

LumenSageAlexander said:
Fallout New Vegas usually makes me happy.

I also really love good pictures of women in practical, well-designed armor that doesn't look like it's made for bad porn.

get out of my head

All my pets and "pet plants", to see creatures that I dislike suffer/die, rainy days, good food, serenity, my favorite intertainment media, to play with sand (and yes, I am an adult who plays with sand), sometimes be surounded by friends and family is not bad too.

birds booze n bums

Good high quality sexy art.

Knotty_Curls said:
birds booze n bums

Oh and these too.


*3 minutes later* uh... oh! there is one thing that always makes me happy. the rage of throthgar as he travels through the lands of the 'souls' franchise.

unless something is annoying me or has me pissed off for some reason my mood tends to be...neutral. and if it weren't for the fact that i learned long ago that it is FAR better to watch what you want to alone than with an audience, even throthgar probably wouldn't leave me all that happy/amused.

that and helping people new to online games i've played for a while get the hang of things. that's also a nice way to meet new friends. ;) unless they start trolling or acting like an asshole for extended periods of time. in which case screw them *removes name from friend list*, they clearly have no interest in being friends.

then again, as bluedingo can probably confirm, telling who is and isn't doing such things to be mean can sometimes be a bit hard to tell. since with some parts of the world profanity isn't always a negative, right?

A knife.

Someone placing a warm burrito on my face

TheHuskyK9 said:
Someone placing a warm burrito on my face


TheHuskyK9 said:
Someone placing a warm burrito on my face


Knotty_Curls said:


Fucking, money, and good music

null0010 said:
get out of my head

Oh hello, I think I'll just peek through your favorites.

Cats and dogs in real life.

Generic answer, I know.

Nude mods in Skyrim, dragons in general, pizza, porn, the color red, masturbating, and good music.

Being alone with my bitch.
Canids like dogs, foxes and wolves. Bonus points if they're sexy, but that's not very rare so that's alotta bonus points.
Non-human love, romance or erotica.
Good food, which is Italian food.
Videogames + OSTs.
Anime/Cartoons + OSTs.
My favorite colors.
...Supernatural stuff like spooky ghosts and psychic powers?
Gems and metals.
Not having to be afraid of anything.
Beautiful buildings like mansions or castles.
And of course, my fantasy.

But that mostly depends on my mood too, though.
Except some things can't just be not loved, like doggies.
Also there's probably other things that would make me happy that I didn't name.

Squirrels, foot-fetish content, guns and knives.

WarCanine said:
Gems and metals.

My favorite gem.

Anyhoo... On topic:

Those cases where people are rational and accepting of others.

Various video games.

Rule 34 of obscure things (even when I don't find it sexy, it makes me happy that it exists for some unknown reason).

The glorious flying scene from The Pumaman.

Also, this is relevant to the topic at hand.

It makes me happy to stereotype furries.

  • YCH orgy slot-buyers probably (like, 99% certain) aren't worth talking to
  • foxes & cats are femboy sluts
  • otters are a recently discovered phenomenon but science has concluded that our universe exists inside an otter's orifice
  • why are wolves so boring wtf
  • feels like people pick horses for their big wieners but selectively forget their short sex stamina
  • mice taste good
  • lol hyenas
  • bears are into BDSM for some reason
  • dragons are absolutely haram
  • other reptiles are okay I guess
  • rats have huge wieners but I've only met one so hopefully that applies to all of them
  • worgen are filthy whores and dicks fly into their mouths like ants to a vacuum
  • birds are sadistic sociopaths who knock things off counters because fuck you
  • birds are probably better than you in every way not gonna lie