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What makes you angry?

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What gets you angry? Post anything you'd like. Get it all off your chest in here. No arguing. Just thought this would help with anyone's stress.

I am angry when I meet people who are closed minded to everything.

Most things.

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I haven't been too motivated to draw and I still have month old trades and requests I need to get done, and I'm angry at myself because of that.

Also, complete disregard of common sense.


Also, "edgy" jerks. There is a lot of overlap, of course.

People who choose to act irresponsibly or waste their potential, selfishness, and people who harm others.

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My old co-workers, estranged fem-nazis, Donald Trump, people that swear by Apple products, people who ask dumb questions on Quora, the plastic cord that we use at work to bind stuff together, Fox News, CNN, whatever that dumb "American News Network" crap is, the price of an Intel Core i7, myself for spending all my money on dumb crap like junk food, and holier-than-thou twats on Tumblr/Reddit/YouTube/Quora.

When someone throws away food that I buy them without even eating it

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Normies, I abolsolutely dispose normies and everything about them

Overly judgemental people, especially when they try to act morally superior.


Anyone against a specific avenue of scientific progress.

I honestly can't remember the last time I was legitimately angry about something. It's just a waste of energy to get angry over things, and getting angry doesn't solve anything.

People who shit on others just for having a different opinion.

parents who don't read to their kids

apathy towards how male circumcision is commonplace in the United States

FDA's regulation of condom sizes (they are too small here)

A kid I was helping raise whose addict mother refuses to drop dead and somehow managed to get partial custody with my aunt (his "grandmother") and now the window of opportunity to help him overcome his learning disabilities has passed so there's probably no point in trying to make a respectable person out of him - he's just another statistic in the lower class.

you know, the usual

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People getting angry.

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ಠ_ಠ humans... dumb, lazy, weak, pathetic humans. especially those who make idiotic excuses to get out of doing things they are perfectly capable of doing themselves and take mere seconds if not minutes to do. or when they make such excuses in order to get others to do said things for them instead.

when it comes to humans, the better question would be: "what doesn't make you angry?"

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Knotty_Curls said:
FDA's regulation of condom sizes

this is seriously a thing?

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Cliff racers

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People who complain about and/or expect others to fix problems they knowingly create for themselves.

Compulsive liars.

Willfully ignorant folks.

My friend who keeps spilling her goddamn drink on the goddamn floor!

Bad drivers. Some of these people have been commuting five times a week since before I was born and somehow they're still terrible. Also, people who use their phone at lights and slow everyone down. And people who DUI of course.

well what do you mean

do you mean what makes us angry in principle or what makes us angry in everyday life

The world.

To be honest: Way too much. I try to put myself off as a very calm person who doesn't care too much as well, causing me to be a jerk. So, my most hated thing:
When I myself become a jerk.
Seriously, I realize it too late and have little power to fix it.

Fenrick said:
Bad drivers. Some of these people have been commuting five times a week since before I was born and somehow they're still terrible. Also, people who use their phone at lights and slow everyone down. And people who DUI of course.

I have too many examples of bad driving that I have witnessed to share. I feel you dude.

World of Tanks, but mostly everything.

I sometimes see a story about someone who has been horrible to an animal, a story of immense cruelty, I can't sleep for thinking about how much suffering has occurred, it is just horrible, Have to keep the radio on to distract me. Times of the small hours I reflect on how much of a mistake it was for the first humans to come down from the trees, start standing upright and discovering fire and flint.