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1 year ago

LordzBacon said:
I've read the "Upload Guidelines" and Come across the Bad things to upload.
-Screen captures
And yet, a simple search found a whole page full of them. (320) How are these getting accepted?

As well,
"Knowingly or repeatedly uploading a lower-resolution image, if there is a higher-resolution of that image available" seems unfinished, If there is a higher reso of that image....What do we do? Since you can't repost something that was deleted, how do you post a higher reso of that image.

From what I've seen, changes to the acceptable content policy on e621 generally do not affect uploads made before that policy change, so any screenshots et al that were uploaded ages ago are allowed to remain for the time being

If there is a higher-resolution image on e621, do not post a lower-resolution of the same image