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Your preferred level of furriness/scaliness

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So forgive me if this was already done, I didn't find it.

I thought it would be kinda fun finding out everyone's preferred level of furriness was. And also seems like people kinda like weird random stuff like this so.

So like is your preference just ears and a tail, full fur/scale, somewhere in between, ect.

▼ My preference

I am a big fan of anything that retain a mostly human face and torso but has ears, tail, and animalistic limb.

Pretty much like and

United_Gamers said:
So forgive me if this was already done, I didn't find it.

I thought it would be kinda fun finding out everyone's preferred level of furriness was. And also seems like people kinda like weird random stuff like this so.

So like is your preference just ears and a tail, full fur/scale, somewhere in between, ect.

I like full-on anthro characters who have human-style bodies but still retain their species-specific traits such as the elongated animal style head, or digitigrade feet, etc. I'm also a huge fan of smooth skin or really fine scales that could just as easily pass for smooth skin.

LATE EDIT: I'm also a bit of a fan of human-like characters as well, such as the fox-girls who look fully human and have the ears and tail of animals. I didn't mention them originally because I don't usually consider them "furry" characters as much as I consider them human ones. But they are technically furry, I suppose, so here's my mention of them.

1 year ago
4_fingers all_fours ambiguous_gender claws dragon feral gemskull green_eyes horn lying nude open_mouth sandwing_(wof) scales sharp_teeth simple_background smile solo sunny_(wof) teeth wings wings_of_fire yellow_scales

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User: Rigma
Date: December 19, 2017

My blacklist catches everything in your preference, for being too human.

I don't mind anthros, exactly, but generally I much prefer ferals. The anthros that I like generally at least have very animal faces, and animal-like legs. Those are the most important traits, I think. Or, well, fur also, but I think that goes without saying, given the other traits. Feral (female) genitalia is usually a big plus too.

So yeah. The opposite of you, pretty much.

If the design looks good enough, I don't care.

However if furries/anthros exist in real life in the future, it's something to think about. You don't get hairballs from licking a scalie.

Kemonomimi is right up my alley.

animal_humanoid ankh anubis big_breasts black_hair breasts clothed clothing deity female fully_clothed gradient_background hair houtengeki humanoid jackal_humanoid long_hair miniskirt open_mouth portrait red_eyes school_uniform simple_background skirt solo three-quarter_portrait uniform

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User: Mighyenta
Date: October 07, 2016 animal_humanoid armwear belt bike_shorts blonde_hair blush canine clothing elbow_gloves female fingerless_gloves fox fox_humanoid gloves green_eyes haik hair hi_res humanoid long_hair mammal multi_tail shorts solo

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User: AnacondaRifle
Date: March 22, 2013 animal_humanoid canine clothing female flower fox humanoid legwear mammal nine_tailed_fox plant red_eyes snowflake solo stockings unknown_artist

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User: zoditu
Date: October 08, 2016

I am honestly not that into full on anthros. (Unless its from things that i like. Like pokemon, etc. but not individual anthropomorphic characters)

i prefer animal humanoids that do not have human skin. drells are perfect example.

alien biceps butt drell ericaleev fist fist_up frown green_skin humanoid looking_down male mass_effect multiple_poses muscular nude pose simple_background solo standing thane_krios video_games white_background

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User: king-kaze
Date: June 27, 2014

1 year ago


I tend to lean towards "bipedal ferals" and small/chibi proportions in a stylized manor, like these:

anthro canine cavalier_king_charles_spaniel crying dog female fur japanese_text jewelpet kemono mammal open_mouth sanrio sapphie solo spaniel tan_fur tears text translation_request ukan_muri

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Date: July 25, 2015

But I also like straight ferals and anthros (though ones that lean more towards the animal side ie they have animal hands(usually), feet, heads, and so on.) I don't really care for heavily humanized characters, and even some "catgirls" bug me at times.

1 year ago

i tend to favor more natural looking anthros that have no obvious humanoid background, esentually feral looking but bipedal, upright bepedalism that the species developed(could have developed) on its own, not from being mixed with human. And i generally prefer ether scaled or furred, some do pull of the mixed look well but most just look rather aucward.

1 year ago
2013 5_fingers abs anthro athletic canine claws collarbone cute dingo front_view fur gloves_(marking) half-length_portrait holding_arm imiak inner_ear_fluff looking_at_viewer male mammal markings navel nipples nude peachez pecs pink_eyes pink_fur pink_nose portrait pose shy solo tan_fur v-cut

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User: flux_capacitor
Date: March 02, 2013

Semi/fully anthro, furry, as few odd features (extra body parts, hyper, etc.) as possible, consistent (not half-and-half, transforming, etc.). I actually find images of furries not rooting each other more appealing than ones that are.

To me it doesn't matter.

UPDATE: I FORGOT TO ADD I usually don't like anthro x human. Usually.

Pure anthro. Not feral, hands and feet, no real human tho. Perfect.

Full-on anthro. Also, I prefer plantigrade but digitigrade is fine, too.

1 year ago

I like anthro slightly more over feral, with anthro characters keeping some traits of their feral counterparts. I also absolutely adore scales.

I hop between 'plain old anthro' and 'nekomimi territory'

My preferred level is animal but walks on two legs and talks(but can still chirr and purr and what not), mammaries/hair idc can have it or not have it, anatomically downstairs animal anatomy, legs are digitigrade if animal is digitigrade(EG: doggo) and legs are plantigrade if animal is plantigrade(EG: red pando). Same goes for lizard people(even the mammaries but non mammalian mammaries still makes me laugh because post #460401), can even have hair despite no need for it.

Chaser said:
My preferred level is animal but walks on two legs and talks(but can still chirr and purr and what not)


I like full on anthros and ferals and anything in-between but not much of a fan of kemonomimi. I think fauns are neat though.

Generally I like a bit of everything i'm not to picky.
The exception would be with anthro horses, I prefer them to have hooves (I dislike it when they have human feet) and to also have equine genitals.

This thread turned out better then expected, I like all the responses so far.

Also I realize now in hindsight I probably could have been a bit more detailed in my original post. But meh simplicity is better then complexity isn't it?

@Clawdragons Understandable and I appreciate the answer. Haha now I'm just thinking every coin has 2 sides right?

@Lance_Armstrong Agreed. Also I didn't have that question in my head before this but now I do. It really is something to think about isn't it?

So yeah I do believe this turned out pretty well. Appreciate the answers so far.

As for humanoid-ness, I'm fine with anything from almost human with just some features (especially ears and tail) to almost fully feral.
However I significantly prefer pronounced fur. Like this picture: (pic)
or 4:3 anthro campfire cat cute duo embarrassed feline female fire ikuta_takanon lick_zack male mammal portrait run_turn tail_tale unbuttoned video_games

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User: The Dog In Your Guitar
Date: July 04, 2007

I also prefer kemono (over western).


1 year ago

long as it's not human, i'm not too picky.

Its kinda hard to explain. For me, anthro art is sort of escapism. So I generally prefer a less realistic, more cartoony style. I mostly made an account here for Sonic-related art. so that's my preferred style, I guess. This is basically how detailed/"realistic" I like (though I give a lot of leeway to anything involving Nicole)

And here's another thats closer to her normal design

1 year ago
absurd_res blue_background blue_eyes dragon headshot_portrait hexagon hexdragon_(character) hi_res lutti portrait simple_background

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User: Hexdragon
Date: September 25, 2017

I only like feral on feral stuff. :P
As long as something feral in any form it's good for me (maybe except avians)(I also don't like anthro or human on feral).
I don't really like anthros and I just hate all kind of humanoids.

1 year ago
anthro butterfly_wings clothing crossed_arms cute elae_meltaea fairy fairy_dragon female fibs fur red_body rhubarb smile solo vector white_fur wings wishdragon young

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User: FibS
Date: January 22, 2018

As an artist, I just go ahead and draw the kind I prefer for normal furry people, which ultimately derives from Sonic since I started as a Sonicfag. (Hence why the bat girls below look like Rouge.)

avoid_posting braeburn_(mlp) bunnie_rabbot costume elae_meltaea female feral fibs friendship_is_magic halloween hi_res holidays lagomorph legendary_pokémon listra_da_silvia mammal mew my_little_pony nintendo pinkie_pie_(mlp) pokémon pokémon_(species) queen_elytra rabbit rhubarb rodent rosalia_carom skunk sonic_(series) spike_(mlp) squirrel video_games wishdragon

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User: FibS
Date: November 01, 2016

I don't consider my characters or furries in general to "be animals". The only reason I tag them that way (i.e. on my personal galleries; e621 is not my gallery so I do not determine tag rules) is because otherwise nobody will find them or know what to call them; I otherwise avoid using real animal terms because I don't want my characters poisoned by zoocentric thinking.

Because of this, and because people like to tell me what kind of furry I get to draw or that I have to do x because I used y animal, I sometimes go out of my way to reference multiple animals in a single character, and sometimes I don't tell anyone which animals those are.

I consider more animalistic furries to be akin to goblins, gnolls, or other "monster-peoples" and generally don't like to see them wearing full human-like clothes as a society because it looks like a circus.

That said, Elae Meltaea uses pretty much every kind of furry and animal fantasy under the sun (though I haven't written them all yet.) They're just not all considered the same level of human socially.

Furriness? Scaliness? What about featheriness?

I love fluff, I love down, but I also love some smoother or rougher textures to fur and feathers.

Scales don't have the super-soft texture, just smooth or rough. Then there's slimy in amphibians, which is fun. ...I kind of like everything, pretty much. A character can have feathers here and skin there, or scales there and fur here, I don't mind. Chimeras are cool.

All of it, but I think mostly Feral.

Feral stuff grosses me the Hell out and gets blacklisted instantly if it's smut. I stay far away from it including anthros with animal dicks and multi breast (yikes). Just give me human anatomy with simple animal traits corresponding to their species.